Welcome to Lynx Golf

Welcome to Lynx Golf

We’ve worked very hard to make this day a reality. For decades, the Lynx brand was synonymous with quality and innovation. It was trusted by major champions, praised for ushering in revolutionary club designs and was among the most popular equipment at the biggest retailers around the globe. Today, we take another step toward not only bringing Lynx back to the glory envisioned by founders John Riley Sr. and Carl Ross, but surpassing those heydays for a much brighter future, as we launch our new website and official return to the United States.

This was not the first stop in the journey. Since 2013, our talented team has been breathing incredible new life into Lynx throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. While there have been reports that the golf industry has been on a decline, our results show the opposite. In fact, we’ve experienced double-digit annual sales growth every year, with 2019 being our most successful yet.

The recipe for this accomplishment is simple. We care about our customers and are dedicated to providing the best equipment and service possible. Unlike other companies who have hurt our industry by making it “the norm” to release products multiple times a year in order to hit sales figures and please investors, we announce new equipment when we actually have something that will positively impact golfers.

Over the next several months, we’ve have some exciting surprises in the store for players of all skill levels and backgrounds. This includes concepts that will not only push the boundaries of golf performance but re-define them entirely. We urge you to connect with us @LynxGolfGobal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign-up for email updates here. Tiger Woods is not the only cat making a comeback in 2019.

So, whether you remember Lynx fondly from another era, or are totally new to our brand, welcome! Our commitment is to you, the golfer, and it always will be.


The Lynx Golf Team