Never resting. Always inventing. Our goal is developing new technologies that will help golfers get the most out of their equipment. This drive toward innovation has led to dozens of breakthroughs in the world of club design.
Several found in the current product line include:
SFT – Switch Face Technology. The ability to change your club face to create a true loft by using a range of interchangeable face plates.
VT – Variable Thickness. 
CCT – Ceramic Core Technology. Exclusive Lynx process used to develop Twin Slot Technology from a one piece constructed iron head. This technology is costly but produces a far more consistent and superior product than a two-piece constructed head.
TST – Twin Slot Technology.
EET – Effective Energy Transfer. A device (system) unique to Lynx that is present on the inner surface behind the striking face of a golf club that disperses energy effectively across the hitting area offering greater forgiveness. EET will also help to maintain a consistent ball flight off the driver face.
WBS – Weight Bar System. Reversible weight bar on the sole which means the player can re-position weight to the front or back of the club head. By re-positioning this weight, it gives the player ultimate control over their preferred launch angles and ball spin - giving more control and accuracy.
PFT – Progressive Face Thickness. Enables weight to be distributed around the club face giving maximum performance on all off-center hits.
CFT – Curved Face Technology. Reduces back-spin and “ball jump” at impact by creating early top-spin which results in a truer and more consistent roll.